What services are you providing?

Services provided by the company are the following:

1. “Mobile marketing” service

  • Efficiency analysis of tools applied
  • Strategy development of online marketing applying
  • Making plan and timing for sales promotion / multicast / calls up
  • Updating / customer base increase
  • Viber-posts: from share name
  • Providing company alpha-name
  • Call center: communications " multicast -advice - purchase"
  • Mystery calling and other forms of questionnaire

2. Full-range Call Center

  • Hotline 24/7 (inbound and outbound)
  • Help desk
  • Service desk


What is the major mission of call center?

At present, due to continuing growth of business competition, it is more difficult to run any business from day to day, your customer requirements are in constant increase. Customers have a lot of offers, should they pointed out your company, your product, your service it depends on the fact how far is this cooperation providing customer with benefits but also comfort. First of all it depends on skills of the managers servicing your customers, providing quality services and stimulate for cooperation. KVADRA ASSISTANCE Call Center established and targeted just to reach this goal.


What are the benefits from cooperation with KVADRA ASSISTANCE Call Center?
  • Your customer loyalty increase due to providing professional services;
  • New customer capture, with the help of mobile marketing. We will select for you target customers truly interested in your services, increasing customer database and sales level.
  • Releasing your company staff to resolve more specific tasks instead of standard issues transfer for service in call center;
  • Promotion of your products, services or special offers in the market;
  • Arranging hotline or support line for your sales promotion / marketing promotion;
  • Arranging support line for current customers’ advisory;
  • Providing services for necessary number of requests to your company at any time of the day or night;
  • Customer service control due to providing conversation records;
  • Providing report of work executed necessary for you.


What are the services included in Inbound calls service?
  • Customer helpdesk
  • Referral service
  • Sales promotion support

Using this service, your customer will get exhaustive answers to the questions: about company profile its services and products, sales promotion at any time comfortable for him due to professional work with specialists of KVADRA ASSISTANCE Call Center.

On the second hand, we provide Virtual Office service

Access to this service will let your customers and partners always be in contact with you. KVADRA ASSISTANCE Call Center receives inbound call, our staff taking it and transferring necessary information on behalf of your company, shall put call on any of your staff in case of necessity, in any your office or affiliated company.

  • Help content about your company
  • Interactive Voice Response access (for instance in off hours and days-off)
  • Taking information from your Customers and Partners, as well as other requests necessary for your business run.

The service System of Order Receipt will be useful for many customers.

This service will let you leave the tasks of order taking in hands of our Call center, for instance:

  • Provide online shop run
  • Tasks execution of registration office in medical institution
  • Taking orders for booking tickets, trips and etc.


What is included in Outbound Calls services?

There are such telephone services as questionnaire and sociological surveys

This service allows you to get the feedback from customers in the way of telephone questionnaire by staff of KVADRA ASSISTANCE Call Center. Such kind of questionnaire provides possibility to learn quickly and for sure the preferences of customers and consumers, as well as marketing research.

This is a system of collection, processing and analysis of information-bearing data about situation in the market to reduce the risks of business activity and accept of the relevant reasonable marketing decisions.

Each businessmen, merchant or entrepreneur working in the market, has to learn the market first of all, taking range of measures and applying system of analytic researches of marketing activity. Marketing researches are important part of marketing activity, as the most important events necessary to carry out systematically and regularly for reconciliation of expected results with real situation in the market for the purpose of timely response and making corrections in entrepreneurial activity.
Reminder is a new and effective service

This service is aimed to provide outbound calls to your customers for the purpose of delivery necessary information. You will resolve the following tasks using Reminder service:

  • Providing any messages upon your request;
  • Invitation for seminars, conferences;
  • Courtesy call/ messages sending for the purpose of customer loyalty increase after purchase or request; greetings and etc.,

For customers working with databases we provide such service as database population and update.

Such kind of service allows increase significantly the development of your business due to designation of target customers and their loyalty to your product and services.

We will confirm already existed information on customers and make database of target customers or partners.

We ensure data confidentiality provided to us, guarantee that data provided to us will not be transferred to the third parties, for this purpose the agreement on exchange and safekeeping of confidential information will be concluded. 

Customers who care the quality of service and support will be interested in such service as Mystery Calling

Such service is the most competent way of tracking of your staff quality of work as well as your competitors’ merits and demerits. You can learn different aspects of correctness of duties performance by your staff: how far the staff of your company is respectful and intelligent while communicating with customers, stress tolerance ratio and job suitability subject to professional skills due to access to such service.

Besides, subject to such service, it’s up to you to analyse your advantages against the competitors and possible ways to improve and activation of your lines of business.

The service of increased customer activity level will be necessary for the companies who already have the customer database but want to increase the number of customer requests.

This kind of service provided for customer capture in active cooperation, allowing you the following:

  • income increase due to sales renewal to the customers, who used your services before
  • income increase due to improvement of loyalty and additional sales to your current customers, their transfer in the range of regular customers
  • to provide effective sales promotion


Do you undertake to provide sales of goods and services?

KVADRA ASSISTANCE Call Center is eager to provide the customer capture for your company:

  • natural persons and legal entities within the territory of Ukraine
  • customer capture can be carried out within provided database or database hold by us

KVADRA ASSISTANCE Call Center sales of your goods and services will be carried out in the way of making the entire system of efforts, including market analysis, determination of target customers, making commercial offers, advertising and informational massages, Viber, e-mail and sms distribution, phone conversations, agreement conclusions and etc.

You are the one who choose the stages of customer funnel where you want to transfer and accept customers from us, namely you can acquire “cold”, “warm” or “hot” customers.

What does it mean IVR service? Who is it recommended for?

Interactive Voice Response system allows your subscribers to receive all necessary information on-line. This solution enables to make changeable scripts of call processing to provide different information upon Subscriber’s request, take into account data entered incorrectly. We can use different voice messages and user prompts either provided by Customer or records of professional speakers.

Possibility of IVR lineup for inbound calls processing. That allows to offload the inbound line and in the way of voice menu send customer to the subdivision which provides the complete reply to customer question.

Outbound IVR multicast. Allowing to process the customer database and inform about services, goods and sales of promotion. After listening to message the customer has possibility to receive more information or access to the specialist due to voice menu.

System of automatic SMS sending after listening to IVR message. So, it is possible:

  • To confirm the customer order
  • To send company contacts
  • To express gratitude for request

Record of voice greetings, telephone answering machines, voice menu (IVR) by professional speaker.

Voice menu (IVR) or telephone greeting – is the record heard by your target customer. That allows to make necessary impression on ringer at once. 


How Viber, e-mail and sms distribution have been carried out?

Postings have been carried out for implement any of your projects:

  • Informing your current and target customers about services of your company, opening new offices / shops and etc.
  • Greetings to your customers with holidays
  • Reminder confirming your payment for services and etc.

Postings can be carried out either within the base of telephone numbers provided by Customer or within base provided by KVADRA ASSISTANCE Call Center. We pay your attention to the fact that we are one of the few companies who has official relations with Viber and our massages inbound with marking Viber verified. This puffs up percentage of review / clicks as a result of receiving such messages. UTM marks multicast is also possible, allowing to identify customers interested with your offers.

What is included in the development of marketing strategy?
  • We help Customer to determine its target customers, select products for sales promotion, to choose necessary toolkit for lead generation.
  • Writing of effective sales promotion scripts its conditions and texts which will stimulate customers to make purchase.