Ordering the outsourcing call center services in Ukraine shall be:

- one of the most right, prudent and gainful solutions of the management board for large and small enterprises. The qualified support of incoming calls – that’s the way to make ideal conditions for sale as it is currently vital to merchandise goods and services via Internet.


The foremost type of service for the remote Kvadra Assistance Call Center is to support of incoming calls line. The system aimed to enable development of qualified service within the company.

The benefits of this service consist of the following:

  • target customers effective support;
  • tracking and evaluation of support level;
  • analytics and report keeping
  • quality and speed increase for customer response;
  • increase of customer loyalty;
  • minimum of missed calls.

It’s hard enough to arrange such system internally. Special equipment, resources and ultimately – trained operators who are qualified for effective conversation considering all principles of technique for skillful call taking are required for this purpose. The outsourcing call center includes the following services within incoming calls support: company customer helpdesk, merchandise sale-off, virtual secretary, 24 –hour hot line and technical support.


When ordering incoming calls support service our customers will get the wide range of possibilities, enabling to promote business, level up and expand the customers’ database. Whereas our operators will take calls and requests from customers on behalf of your company, answer general issues, notify on sales promotions and special offers, provide corporate email newsletter, keeping records on customers, making and expanding the customers’ database. We reduce the missed calls ratio up to 3 %, which indicates the best performance. During such “telephone” activity authorized to company our staff will continuously control the business development, making reports on number of calls and recording phone calls with customers, which finally could be checked by the client and make sure of the effect and necessity of the this kind of service.

Taking calls
Taking calls by our Call Center. Basically, there are answers of our staff to frequently asked questions. We are eager to make different projects requiring special skills. Special scripts have been entered in and managers, who will participate in call processing, are trained for this purpose.

Taking requests and orders
You are highly developing business having a lack of staff to satisfy the increasing customer flow? Or you are likely to start promptly high level customer servicing? Then, this offer is right for you.

Virtual secretary
Taking calls costs you a lot of time? We will help to structure the calls flow. He/ she will get in touch personally with customers to confirm a visit, offer new possibilities.

Hot line
If you want to be in contact with your customers 24 hours per day 7 days per week, provide expertise on your goods and services, improve image and call-back on your company - this kind of service is just irreplaceable.

Analytics and reporting
Any necessary reporting data, as well as statistics on work executed, including calls recording.

Customer technical support
90 % of issues on technical support have been resolved by phone. And if you want to cut down your staff expenses, providing this services – choose our offer.