Customer technical support

Customer technical support with the remote call center is aimed to receive help and solving the common issues via telephone without additional staff employment. The relation with customers established subject to the particular service quality, that has direct impact into the company’s image.

The service is based in the following directions:

  • answers the frequently asked questions;
  • regular requests review ;
  • solving the uniform issues and tasks;

Basically, the system has been built on the basis of multilevel structure. The number of levels has been determined for each company on the basis of individual approach, by reference to the activity, customer flow, items category. Standard variant – three-level system.

Initial level: solving of simple and uniform issues, finding of measures and reasons of problem occur, basic advisory support. We manage to resolve almost 70 % of requests on this level.

The second level: if the problem was not solved nonetheless, call center operators with advance experience in particular case will be joined up. In this case operators use technical guidelines and analytical procedures.

Professional level: about 3 % of requests are sent for advice to the client company specialists with advance experience in the specific field. Very often such requests related with new, not earlier occurred, issues.

Generally, any issues are managed to be solved online with the help of outsourcing dedicated line of technical support for consumers and customers. Therefore, ordering technical support service via remote call center is cost-effective solution, improving your business and is fast to repay.