Hot line 24/7 service

Hot line is recognized to be one of the most effective and requested means of communication for the company and customer. It’s a multiplex telephony for incoming calls which purpose is to consult and further requests processing.

This offer is relevant to enterprises with higher turnover and constant customer flow, where staff fails physically to process properly requests and take orders.

Choosing services of Kvadra Assistance Outsourcing Call Center, you can be sure, that our specialists could 100 % face up to the challenge in customer servicing, considering the specific nature of any business.

We undertake responsibility for the prompt taking and processing of the incoming calls high flow from target customers, providing them all the necessary aid and proper resolving areas of concern.

Joining the hot line service via our remote call center you will get the following advantages:

  • possibility of 24 hours per day operation of the telephone line, even in holidays and days-off;
  • staff members load relief;
  • cost cuttings;
  • providing detailed report after execution of work;
  • request processing speed;
  • high level of services.