Virtual secretary service

“Phone secretary” – perfect solution for business, if you need one separate line, covering the entire 100% of incoming calls.

Outsourcing call center offers the Virtual secretary service, which is similar to obligations of staff secretary. Our operators also will make reports for the management, will provide statistics, and will send important massages and help customers to resolve common issues.

What are the advantages of this service against permanent staff member?

First of all, it is financially rewarding. Your own staff call operators will cost you much more expensive, rather than remote professional, who will take calls. At the second, line of incoming calls can work within 24 hours. Otherwise it’s necessary at least four permanent employees to provide communication with customers within 24/7. In the third place it is economy of the office technical equipment necessary for the call center operator.

Joining the service of telephone secretary for your business, your customers never will be heard “line busy” and always will be able to connect promptly with the representatives of the company.