Outbound line support is one of the most requested services of our outsourcing call center in Ukraine. It includes the wide range of collateral services, such as telemarketing, mystery calling, cold calling, lead generation, information distribution to customers, sociological poll and database update.


Courtesy and unobtrusiveness are the core principles, observed by our operators, when calling up our customers. Our task is to sell the services and goods of our customers effectively. That’s why we offer the effective tools for the development of your business, where you can find:

  • Qualitative performance of work with available result as active selling “by telephone”;
  • strategy development for business promotion;
  • Performance optimization of your staff and competitors monitoring via “cold calls” service;
  • Current database improving and systematization;
  • Receive customer feed-back, work with their feedback and proposals via polling;
  • Establishing contacts with consumers and customers in the way of newsletters about sales promotion and special offers as well as reminders of appointment or greetings with future holiday;
  • Keep customers informed about new and updated offers, advisory on issues concerned.

As you can see, such a wide range of call center services via supporting outgoing telephone line of your company let us increase the customer loyalty level and trace the level of service provided, having a direct influence for the status, image and, of course company income.


Any of the aforesaid services are solely directed for the development and improvement of business regardless its line of business. Our remote call center is ready to cooperate with any businesses, as far as our specialists are professionally trained and any script or promotion plan is previously agreed with the customer. Call center operators have conversations only on behalf of your company striving to make sales as much as possible, proving our activity effect.

Finally our customers will get:

  • New customers;
  • Improved and modern service;
  • Customer loyalty;
  • High income;
  • Large sales.

Quality control service

Would you like to have feedback from your customers, learn what is necessary to change or improve, clear up the level of customers’ loyalty. Answers for these and similar questions you receive with the help of our service.

Mystery calling

Would you like to evaluate the quality of your staff work, to learn all the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation with customers, to understand where the effectiveness and competitive ability are lost? Then, this kind of service is up for you!

Telephone marketing. Cold calls

You need new customers? Save your time for call up of customers’ database and presentation of your business offer.

Database updating

We will help effectively and for the reasonable price to prove the update of existing customer database and fill it up in a prompt manner with new potential customers.

Information distribution for customers

Have you started sales promotion? Do you have the news, necessary to reveal customers? We will inform your customers in a quality manner and as fasts as possible.

Telephone survey

Are you launching a new product or service on the market? Is it necessary to increase the current customer loyalty? Inquiries are the irreplaceable tool to increase your company competitive ability.