Lead generation service

Modern marketing research showed that lead generation – is an effective way of customer loyalty increase which is an integral part of reaching a success. In general, lead generation has been divided into two directions. It is newsletter sharing, sales promotion, special offers and emailing of reminders, greetings, service check (estimation of service level).

Staff of our remote call center develops and uses effective marketing offers, generating newsletters for further distribution, provides mailing and customers calling, sharing information on sales promotion and new offers of the company within the first direction

It is only newsletter sharing with reminder on date, time of registration, sending SMS-greetings for holidays and calls to receive estimation of service level within the second direction.
Viber messenger, where the most of the customers have registered their profiles as well as standard call by cellular phone for the purpose to distribute newsletters and sales promotion are to be the main tools in operation of our outsourcing call center staff.

You arrange relations with customers, increase their loyalty level for sure, using your business lead generation connected via Kvadra Assistance outsourcing call center that makes positive impact upon monthly income