Making telephone surveys

Sociologic researches via telephone survey allows us to find out customer opinion of your product, to see its preferences, hear its wishes and proposals as well to get the respondent’s opinion across a wide range of issues.

Making telephone surveys helps also to arrange communication with customer, to get feed-back. Anyway the information received has been necessary for improving the business development strategy, making new sales promotions or launching a new product on the market at all.

This call center service is also supposed the SMS-sending in the way of short and large-capacity questionnaires. It will not take much time from the customers but it helps you to get the similar information as you receive it by telephone survey.

What are the advantages of such sociological researches in our remote call center?

  • Professionally trained operators interrogate customers and consumers with reference to strongly made questionnaires approved by the customer;
  • During the questionnaire procedure the received information has been instantly processed and electronically saved;
  • It is possible to make quick views upon named criterions subject to the results of made telephone surveys.
  • The accurate report including detailed analysis which is in fact the strategy for business development has been made as a result of survey.
  • Our outsourcing call center has been fitted with modern and quality equipment, to provide quick and quality communication with your customers.