Mobile marketing

Any company, which is making outside sales of services and goods in the market, needs a strategy to be written. It is the strategy, which helps to find out the level of engagement with goods, ways of its promotion, target audience.

Our outsourcing call center in Ukraine foresaw it and that is why we offer our customers to order writing strategy service for a certain period (month, quarter and year). Marketing specialists who correctly analyse all business peculiarities are involved for this purpose and are engaged in designation of products and services for promotion.

The strategies are presented finally:

  • Best practices to promote product;
  • Plan of relevant measures to attract the target market;
  • Subjects and possible content of informational messages for multicast;
  • Vision and stylistics of visual content.

We also designate the updated demands of the customer for product promotion, making activity plan for next period and provide reports about our activity. Customer, within this service, can additionally order the SMS distribution and /or making information content, selection of visual support for such distribution.