Telemarketing service (Cold calls)

Active telephone sales with the help of cold calls – are update and effective service of our outsourcing call center. Telephone marketing does not require enormous financial outlay; besides, you can cut down expenses for advertising.

So, telemarketing is the way of discreet communication of operator and target customer via call, voice call or SMS messaging aimed for product sale.

Otherwise – these are the outgoing calls for customer database calling up purposed to sell goods and services.

The other directions can be the purpose of cold calls. For example:

  • To receive information for strategy development of company marketing activity;
  • Finding out new interested customers for a newsletter access;
  • Report keeping based on telemarketing results, for company development estimation;
  • The key massages distribution on company activity, products and pricing within target customers.

“Cold calls” technology could increase significantly monthly income of the company, since the products are sold much more faster and service value has been repaid within minimum terms.